Gayle Sheehan

Gale Sheehan serves as a member of the “Covenant Friends” of INAAP and is a personal friend of John Arcovio .

Gale Sheehan also serves as the Director of Christian International Apostolic Network, a network of over 3,000 ministers under the vision of founder Bishop Bill Hamon.

Gale & Shelly Sheehan are the founders of Destiny Now Ministries and function as an Apostolic Prophetic team in the Body of Christ. They also serve on apostolic oversight leadership teams for networks, bible colleges, local churches, and minister in governmental and business arenas.

Gale & Shelly have appeared on the “700 Club” and TBN broadcasts and minister at national and international conferences. Gale & Shelly travel both nationally and internationally to impact lives for the Lord and have ministered to thousands seeing the Lord touch, heal, and equip people to fulfill their destiny in the Lord.

Gale is the author of “Miracles Now !!!” a teaching and equipping book on healing miracles. They have seen the Lord perform thousands of healing miracles over the last few years in their ministry. It is also in their heart to activate saints to be miracle workers today. Gale is also the author of “Financial Miracles Now !!!”- A Key to Apostolic Prophetic Wealth, which focuses on how to position yourself for financial miracles in these end days based on the the principal of Deuteronomy 8:18, God gives “Power to make Wealth”. Gale and Shelly equip people to be positioned for financial miracles in their own lives for kingdom purposes.

Releasing the power of the gospel with the simplicity of focusing on Jesus as the author and finisher of our faith is their heart for the world today. Gale and Shelly believe that “knowing” Jesus in new ways is the key to every victory in our lives, success in our businesses and success in our ministries.

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