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Hey Covenant Friends and Supporters. Thank you for your faithful support of the vision of Spirit Led Ministries through your prayers and financial contributions.  Your obedience to give as the Spirit leads empowers us to accomplish His Kingdom work! We appreciate your heart of love and service.

“…For God loves a person who gives cheerfully.” 2 Cor 9:7


I need to make a heartfelt confession. I have been a “giver” at heart for the past 33 years and “asking” has always been a weakness of mine. However a recent prophetic word by Lance Wallnau has challenged me.


“You do not have the resources to do what you need to do because you don’t ask. You need to humble yourself and create an opportunity for those who believe in the ministry to participate with us. They know this work is legitimate. Tell them what you need. This is 100-fold soil to sow into – God will bless them! Just ask.”


In obedience to this prophetic word here is our “God Ask”.


We are believing for 25 monthly reoccurring donors to support the God vision of Spirit Led Ministries with a monthly gift of $100.


Our success depends upon the ability to hear the directive voice of our Heavenly Father and through His Holy Spirit properly implement those directives with His Kingdom principles. The Creator of the Universe has issued an edict: God wants us to be prepared and responsible for fulfilling our destiny in Him. From homemakers to executives, we are all called to be a people who have a role in one or more of the spheres of society, however having a Kingdom influence is key.


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We pray the Grace, Love and Peace of God be with you as you continue your journey in pursuit of His Presence and Purpose for your life.


John Arcovio

Founder and Executive Director of Spirit Led Ministries DBA John Arcovio Ministries



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