Bringing Healing, Restoration and Discovery of Divine Prophetic Destiny and Gifting’s for Apostolic Leaders to build the Kingdom of God.

Our vision is to align leadership for the purpose of training, equipping and releasing believers for the work of ministry and to influence the “spheres of society.”

John Arcovio Ministries is a Kingdom based network of the Five-Fold Ministry, a divinely connected alliance, which allows leaders to work in Biblical order and divine authority to further God’s purposes in our world. 

JAM is a vehicle that connects leaders to global transformation through interpersonal relationships. It includes, not excludes, and does not prohibit fellowship with other alliances and organizations, but encourages interaction with other fellowships.

The role of the apostolic leader is one of facilitation and alignment rather than domination; our job is to make room, serve, and support the leadership and believers.

If you are looking for fellowship, and have a desire for humble servant leadership, then you may want to become aligned with the leadership of JAM to fulfill the call that God has placed upon your life.

We provide fellowship, alignment, activation, and accountability and direction for licensing when necessary .

Monthly Mentoring Call

John Arcovio’s Monthly Mentoring Meeting Conference Call is being replaced by his weekly Periscope.tv broadcasts.

Connect with John Arcovio by downloading the app at www.Periscope.tv and search for @Johnarcovio. The app will automatically notify you when John Arcovio is teaching. He will announce when there will be a evening periscope teaching.

Upcoming Events (complete info) 

Upcoming Events

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John Arcovio Ministries is committed to Healing, Restoration and Discovery for Leaders to build the Kingdom of God. Our missional vision is to align Leadership with Discovery Centers for the purpose of awakening, affirmation and activation.

We also are committed to launching Discovery Centers and leading traditional churches to support Discovery Centers with the Divine vision God has given us “The Blueprint for Revival”.

These Discovery Centers are committed to training, equipping and releasing believers in to their gifting to influence the spheres of their societies.

We offer a simple three step Strategy: Discovery- Kingdom and Church, Discovery- Gifts and Callings, Discovery- Alignment and Activation!

JAM also has aligned with may networks as who are considered “Covenant Friends.” View our Directory of Discovery Centers and Covenant Friends

Make plans now to attend a JAM Regional Event near you!